Snackmasters shows us the Variety

As a catering equipment company, we sat with intrigue this month watching some of the Snackmasters series on Channel 4, with chef Fred Sirieix pitting two chefs against one another to recreate one of Britain’s snack sensations.

Last week it was all about Walkers’ Monster Munch! The lengths that the chefs were going to was quite funny to watch, and one of the chefs, whose task it was to make the perfect replica of Pickled Onion Monster Munch, even went to the length of going on ebay and ordering his very own miniature version of the machine which combines the ingredients and pumps it out in to the shape of Monster Munch! This extruding machine was shipped all the way from China and with a bit of engineering brilliance from the chef’s own father, he managed to almost create the classic Monster Munch shape.

In fact, the Snackmasters programme is not the first programme to capitalise on the nation’s fascination with snack food! Back in 2012, the BBC’s Stephan Gates investigated cheesy puffs in the Food Factory series, as you can see in this video:

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